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Some other thoughts, that I could have included in the story when discussing Steph Curry's Accolades: Someone commented on a message board somewhere else how Curry did win the ASG MVP for 2022. He also won that new Conference Finals MVP award. (It's the first time that award was ever given out). And...Steph Curry was 2nd Team All-NBA this year. An argument can be made that he should have been first team...but, I'll leave that argument up to others.

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But Jordan was on the bulls. In the Warriors case, Jordan was on the Cavs/Lakers and then the Raptors and Bucks. That's what makes the Golden state run so amazing. Playing in a much more talented version of the NBA. Sure the first 3x titles by the Bulls were against pretty good competition. But even then Bird was just about broken, Magic was old and ended up with AIDS. And the Isaiah Thomas pistons were good. But the second three-peat was pretty much by default. Mid-90's Knicks played great D but they sometimes forgot that it's legal to make a jumper. And Karl Malone??? He's no Kawhi.

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