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PART III: When you see me, what do you see? - Lee Zeldin for Speaker of the House?

PART II: When you see me, what do you see ? - Herschel Walker wasn’t the American Tragedy. Rather we are an everyday American Tragedy

PART I: When you see me, what do you see ? - Is Kyrie Irving a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

Post 2022 Election Results/Reactions

Midterm Elections 2022

We spend too much time in our heads

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American Fascism is on the ballot in November

What makes something a worthwhile investment? Ideas on how we spend our money and our time

Celebration Time!!! This is my 36th Posting on Substack

Teaching, never gets old

My 2022-2023 School Year has begun!

HBO's “Winning Time” gets another look, and a big thumbs up by me: Hulu’s “Lakers Legacy” is also great

Logic, Love & Self-Limiting Beliefs

I am adding a new "Exclusive" feature to my Substack

<PT. VI> Abortion Rights in America: The Trump Effect

<PT. V> Abortion Rights in America: A closer (Freakier) look at how more abortions lowers crime.

<PT.IV> Abortion Rights in America: How the Supreme Court got abortion wrong in 2022

<PT. III> Abortion Rights in America: Outlawing Abortion makes America more "Radical" not more "Conservative"

<PT. II> Abortion Rights in America: “Moral issue” voters don't believe in such a thing as an "unwanted pregnancy”

<PT. I> Abortion Rights in America: It's much easier to get pregnant in America than it is to adopt a child

My guest appearance on the "Earnestly Speaking Podcast"

41 thoughts for 41 years

My commitment to writing

July Summer Days (2022)

The darndest conversations sometimes come up

Kevin Durant is in fact "The Poster-Child" for professional millennial athletes <PART II>

This is no longer John Roberts Supreme Court

The Supreme Court just threw out decades of past precedent in not just 1 but 2 landmark cases

Eight thoughts from the Golden State Warriors Eight year run (2015-2022)

The Congressional hearings on the Capitol Riot on Jan. 6th, 2021: Does anyone really care?

The Writing Journey: Why audience feedback is important

Sports and a human interest angle

<PART II> The 90%, Cowardly Cops, and Sanitation Workers

<PART I> The 90%, Cowardly Cops, and Garbage-Men

Feeling Sick

Columbine and its aftermath: "23 years later"

Part II of "5 books I have gifted the most"

Understanding generational eras in America, through the prism of the NBA

For Social Movements to be considered "A movement" they actually have to work

Why HBO'S Winning Time is not a Winner in my mind

Everybody Needs a Hype-Man!

The Teaching Journey "Post-Covid"

An emerging prominent sports & culture critic in Ethan Strauss

I have officially joined the "Substack Revolution"

The Human Condition and Self-Destructive Behavior

Confidence Game & Teaching